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Enhance the Bond with Your Horse and Advance His/Her Performance. You're Invited to Attend a Classical Horsemanship Clnic with Master Horseman J.P. Giacomini. Problems Solved! Training Progressions Built. Relax Any Horse! Tried & True Classical Principles Followed.


"I will begin by telling you all that I am completely and utterly, head over heels in love with this man! Without discounting his superb knowledge of horses and horsemanship, it is his generous nature, incredible patience and genuine love of people and horses that has made the greatest impression on me. … He sussed out the most basic issue with each horse/rider pair, started there and let the training do the rest. Every horse went better by the end of the lesson, every rider rode better and EVERY bit of training STAYED!! They all came out better on the second and third looks, they all remembered everything they learned (both horses and riders) and it all made sense. I never heard a single word of criticism; he didn't coddle, au contraire, his instructions were straight forward and to the point and only as pointy as they needed to be to get the message across. Patience, generosity and a training tool (Endotapping) that makes horses deliriously happy are the messages that I will try to live up to. Make your horse easier to ride through relaxation and your riding will have a chance to improve. Then start teaching the appropriate piece of equitation. This motto was amply demonstrated by the success of every horse/rider combination." Tam Rose clinic participant (unsolicited)

WE encourage our students when booking a clinic to consider allowing 3 days.

We recommend allowing time to include both a lecture session and a demonstration session, which will serve to compliment the individual instruction time.

These are incredible tools that can help you progress with a fullness of knowledge and make an impact on your time in the saddle.

Understanding why we do what we do is pivotal in building confidence and overall horsemanship.

Below is a list of Clinic Lecture Topics.
We do welcome inquiries and Clinic Topic requests.



History- Where and When Horsemanship Began:
      A history of the Masters of the art of classical dressage... the birth of horsemanship.

Theory- The Power of Piaffe in All Disciplines:
     When to begin training piaffe and why. How it can help me in my specific discipline.

Soundness- Biomechanics of the Back:
      Correct mechanics and position for collection.

Topic- The Unfortunate Evolution of Dressage:
     How we can bring obedience, lightness, and purity back into the competition ring.

Theory- What Comes First... The Chicken or The Egg?
     Do we train "extension" and "lengthening" before or after "collection"?

History and Theory- The History of Training Equipment.
     What I use, when and why.

Theory- Demystifying the Half Pass:

     The Biomechanics and Execution of the ever-elusive Half Pass.

Discussion- A New Competition on the Horizon.

Day 1 - Fly in and lecture in the evening.
Day 2 - Demonstration session am. Individual instruction begins late am and rest of day.
Day 3 - Early am discussion and review. Individual instruction begins late am and rest of day. Return flight evening.

JP resides in Kentucky and conducts clinics internationally. Schedule a J.P. Giacomini clinic today!
859-748-9091 • jpgiacomini@gmail.com


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